Thursday, April 10, 2014

Soothing Springtime Waterfall

I was having a rough day recently, so I decided to do some nail art that I knew I'd enjoy creating and that would just make me happy whenever I looked at it.

Waterfall manicures (invented/made famous by The Nailasaurus) never fail to make me smile. I have so much fun picking out the colors and adding them one by one, and then I always enjoy the finished product for days afterward. And, as a bonus, people always seem to notice and compliment waterfalls—so that's definitely nice, too!

This particular waterfall manicure started with a base of Zoya Bevin, and then I added all of the following with a long, skinny striping brush: Zoya Odette, Zoya Zanna, Marc Jacobs Secret Love, and a england Her Rose Adagio. The accent nail is just Bevin with a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust and a pastel stud from the Born Pretty Store.

The waterfall technique combined with these soft, springy pastels really did the trick: my mood was immediately better after finishing this. Does this count as meditation and/or therapy through nail art? Whether it does or not, I can't argue with the results!

Thanks for looking!

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