Hello! I'm Suzann and I do nail art. Pretty simple, right? :)

If you're interested in the longer version, here it is: I got into doing nail art in early 2013 as part of a concerted effort to take better care of my nails and break some bad cuticle- and nail-biting habits. I quickly realized that I wanted to document my efforts, partly to track my progress and also to show my manicures to friends & family whom I don't see in person very often, so on May 25, 2013, my nail art tumblr was born. Since then, I've streamlined things a bit and upgraded to a whole site of my own, but the basic premise is still the same: nail art, nail art, nail art!

I love celebrating my favorite media, sports, and other noteworthy events in my designs, so expect to see stuff like movie, comic book, and hockey–themed manicures popping up here occasionally. I also focus on wearable nail art: unless otherwise noted, I do all the manicures on this site on both hands and wear them out & about for at least a few days.

I spent my first year of blogging working on my skills (both nail art and blogging skills), so I haven't done too much swatching or product reviewing yet. I'm still working to improve my skills, but now that I'm more settled into my space and routine here, I'm hoping I'll have the opportunity to do reviews more often, too. Please feel free to contact me at suz [at] amateurmanicure [dot] com if you'd like to work with me in this regard!

Thanks for visiting!