Monday, August 10, 2015

Nail Art: A Pluto Perspective

All the excitement about Pluto recently inspired me to try something space-related on my nails. Galaxy designs are fun and I've done a couple of them, but I wanted to do something new this time. After some brainstorming (and perusing lots of NASA's new high-res pictures of Pluto), I decided: what about trying to recreate the surface of a planet on my nails?

And just like that, these Pluto/moonscape nails were born. We know now that Pluto is actually more of a reddish color, so this look was mostly inspired by the black and white photos, as well as my slight obsession with grey. This design also kind of reminds me of certain photos of Earth's moon, so if the color is a deal-breaker for the Pluto inspiration, we can just go with the generic moonscape idea here, too.

I started with a base of OPI Cement the Deal and then dabbed on some NARS Galathee with a little ball of cling wrap to give it some texture. When all that was dry, I did a quick hairspray water marble using piCture pOlish LakoDom to add the sparkly, crackling effect on the surface.

To say that I like how these turned out is something of an understatement: I wore them for literally two weeks before finally breaking down and changing them. Grey is just such a favorite for me, and I loved the space tie-in, so every time I thought about making a change, I couldn't bring myself to do it. (It also didn't help that everything held up extremely well and hardly chipped at all for two weeks—one of the unlikely downsides to a really good base coat, I guess!)

Now that I've (sort of) done the surface of one planet on my nails, I'm super intrigued to take a stab at some of the others. Some Saturn nails would be pretty amazing, don't you think?

Thanks for looking!


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