Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Garnished Galaxy

I really, desperately wanted to do some Guardians of the Galaxy nails before seeing the movie over the weekend. (It's amazing, by the way! Go see it!) I racked my brain for ages trying to come up with a concept that would be both a recognizable representation of the movie/characters AND doable for my skill level, but I couldn't come up with anything. I love the Guardians to bits, but they just don't have super iconic (and nail-art-friendly) logos or costumes like the Avengers & other superheroes. In the end, I went with some embellished galaxies and called it a day—I had a movie to go see, after all!

I love doing galaxy nails. Even when you don't have much of a plan, they usually turn out great. My "plan" for this one was "um, blue, I guess?" so I grabbed some blue polishes that looked promising and went to town. As usual, I used tweezers and little bits of makeup sponge to apply everything except the base color.

Base: Chanel Blue Satin
Galaxy: Super Black Hello, Officer; Nails Inc. Mercer Street; China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le; Serum No. 5 A Cup of Teal; China Glaze Fairy Dust; Serum No. 5 Sky Lights

Once my galaxy was complete and accented with a few dots of white acrylic paint, I made a some stamped decals using one of my MoYou London Sci Fi stamping plates. I'm a terrible slacker & didn't write down what polishes I used for the colors, but I know I stamped them with Essie Licorice, because it's a great stamping polish. I chose the rocket with Rocket Racoon in mind, but the planet was just a random selection!

Thanks for looking!

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