Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Woodland Waterfall

Whenever I'm lacking inspiration, I find myself gravitating toward the waterfall technique invented by The Nailasaurus because it's so fun and easy. Just pick out a few colors that strike your fancy and grab your striping brush, and that's it! There's very little stress or planning involved, so I always feel like it's one of the more relaxing manicures I can do.

 For my latest waterfall, I went with a mix of pretty forest-y colors. These seem like nails that an elf or woodland fairy might wear: earthy, natural shades with just a hint of sparkle mixed in. Or maybe I'm just wishing I were an elf right now so that I could be outside enjoying the sunshine, instead of stuck indoors...

My base is Sunless Sea by Pahlish, an absolutely gorgeous mint green with tiny gold flecks in it. Sunless Sea went on like a dream—two very easy coats and the coverage was perfect. I'm already dying to wear it again!

The waterfall consists of the following:

Do you enjoy doing waterfall nails as much as I do? What colors do you like best for them?

Thanks for looking!

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