Friday, March 7, 2014

Springy Stained Glass

The polishes I preordered from the ILNP spring collection arrived recently, and they were all so gorgeous that I just had to do some nail art featuring them all together. They reminded me of beautiful, shiny stained glass all lined up on my table, so that's exactly what I decided to do with them: try my hand at some stained glass nails!

I took my inspiration for this manicure from Will Paint Nails For Food. She's done quite a few beautiful stained glass looks that I've always admired, so I checked out this tutorial to help guide my efforts. I did do things a little differently, however: I had some black acrylic paint on hand, so I used that instead of black polish for the lines. I liked how easy it was to apply and get dark, even coverage, so I will probably reach for the paint again if & when I do this kind of look in the future. I do wish my lines were thinner and less heavy, because I think the stark contrast with the delicate colors I used is probably a bit much, but I'm happy with the results overall. Not too bad for my first try!

As I mentioned, the colors I used are all from the new ILNP spring collection, which I think officially launches today:

I also used Kings & Queens and Dreaming in Violet to do a quick gradient on the fingers without the stained glass, but the result was super subtle! You may not even really be able to see it very well in the pictures. But I do think it added some nice depth to the color on those nails and helped them look less plain compared with the stained glass.

Of the four colors I picked up, I think Kings & Queens is my favorite—I'm a sucker for the deep, gorgeous berry color combined with the holo finish.

What do you think of these polishes? Are you planning to pick up anything from ILNP's spring collection?

Thanks for looking!


  1. Before I wasn't so sure about this collection, but this gorgeous nail art makes me want them! Kings & Queens looks amazing!!

  2. Gorgeous stained glass nails! I personally like the contrast of the thicker black lines and I love subtle gradients like this one too :)


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