Saturday, August 24, 2013

Nail Art: The Joker at Mardi Gras?

People kept asking me if these were Mardi Gras or Joker nails, and although neither of those were my original intention, I think they're pretty apt descriptions of this look!

I got these two gorgeous butter LONDON colors at the same time and couldn’t decide which one to use first, so I decided to just use them both. I started with a bases of Thames on my pointer, middle, and pinky fingers and HRH on my ring finger and thumb. Once those dried, I placed striping tape near the tips and painted the opposite colors on each nail. Then, finally, I added a single silver hex glitter (which I got at the Born Pretty Store) to each nail to add a little sparkle.

This post originally appeared on my tumblr.


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  2. Hi may i please know what type of nail polish you use and the color?thank you


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