Thursday, April 23, 2015

Delightful Daisies Nail Art

It must really be spring for real, now: I'm fixated on floral patterns!

I'm still trying to do less stamping for a little while, just in the spirit of branching out, so it was time to test my freehand floral skills again when I wanted some springtime daisies on my nails. They're definitely far from perfect, but I still enjoyed wearing them. Real-life daisies aren't perfect anyway, right? Right!

This incredibly bright and cheery pink base color is OPI Kiss Me I'm Brazilian—so, SO bright! The pictures hardly do it justice. I think it would be really striking against just about any skin tone. The white of the daisies & dots is white acrylic paint applied with a small brush and a dotting tool, respectively, and the yellow center are, appropriately enough, Zoya Daisy. (Its's like it was meant to be.)

I obviously took a super carefree and unplanned approach to painting my daisy petals, but if I did a design like this again, I would probably be a bit more deliberate about it by starting with an asterisk shape and then filling in additional petals uniformly.

If you look really closely, you can see the subtle shimmer of the yellow, Daisy; I like that extra little bit of texture it adds to the design.

Now that I've done the easiest and most obvious type of flower, I'm starting to ask myself: what kind of flower should I try next??

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