Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Green Thermal Clover Nail Art

I've been sick for more than a week now and am actually still trying to fight off whatever this plague is, but somewhere in the midst of my haze of cold meds & Parks and Rec binge-watching, I managed to do some simple St. Patrick's Day nails.

My base is Polished by KPT Spring Around Me, a lovely green thermal that transitions from a medium minty shade to a bright, springy lime. I don't think my photos are working very well for the "warm" color, because it's a lot more yellow in real life, but I'm still really enjoying this polish. The color change is very pronounced and fun!

The clovers were added with acrylic paint and a small detail brush, and the tiny gold dots (if you can even see them!) are Priti NYC Chrysanthos.

My hand painting here is definitely not my best work, but since I was mostly delirious when I did it, I'm giving myself a pass. There are clover shapes—more or less—and they're green, so that's good enough, right?

Thanks for looking, and if you celebrate, have a fun & safe holiday!


  1. The gradient is absolutely perfect and the whole mani is cute.
    I wish you all the best and get well soon!

    1. Thank you! I think I'm finally starting to feel better. :)


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