Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tan Flannel Stamped Nail Art

I wasn't planning on posting this manicure originally, but after some kind comments from my Instagram followers when I posted a preview over there, I decided to go ahead and go for it. I also found that the right camera angles can actually hide a LOT of flaws!

My big issue with this look is that a lot of the stamping turned out super crooked. Thankfully, through the magic of... I don't know what, camera gnomes or something, it looks pretty decent in the pictures, but this pattern was a real bear when it came to getting everything straight and even. I think my treasured ultra-soft stamper heads were probably working against me, to be honest: when they smooshed down on my nails, the design just couldn't help but warp.

But anyway! All my whining aside, I really do like how this turned out and I can see myself tackling something like this again before the fall/winter is over. Who can resist a cozy flannel print, after all!

Base: LVX Cashmere
Stamping: MoYou London Hipster Plate 05 stamped with Zoya Spencer 
Accent line: China Glaze History of the World applied with a striping brush

Thanks for looking!

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