Monday, December 16, 2013

Rosy Gradient

Since the Christmas holiday is fast approaching, I've decided this will be red week on the blog! I've got a few great red-based manicures to show you, starting with this one:

I know red and black may not scream holiday colors to everyone, but I really love them. I think this gradient of a-england Rose Bower and Bridal Veil would be perfect for a holiday cocktail party or other classy Christmas event.

The gradient itself was super easy: I just started with a base of Rose Bower and sponged on Bridal Veil (both amazing polishes, by the way) with a makeup wedge. Holographic polishes are a great choice for gradients because they tend to blend well with each other and make for a nice transition between colors without too much fuss.

Also, while I'm at it, Rose Bower is a really perfect holiday red, in my opinion—so shimmery and rich. It would make a great base for all kinds of holiday nail art!


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