Wednesday, December 25, 2013

a-england Christmas Gradient

For my one truly Christmasy manicure this year, I went to some of my favorite polishes to create what I think is a really classy holiday gradient that I ended up loving a lot.

This is a-england Saint George and Rose Bower on the tips of my nails done in a gradient with Bridal Veil. I wore this to an evening holiday event so I wanted something festive but not too over the top, and I think this fit the bill perfectly. I'd wear a-england polishes in various gradients every single day if I could! They just blend so beautifully and create a flawless look every single time.

Because the darker color was at my cuticles for this manicure instead of on the tips, I tried a slightly different technique for the gradient. I started by just painting the tips of my nails with Saint George and Rose Bower (just freehanding it with the brush from the bottle, nothing fancy), and then doing the same with Bridal Veil, but starting at my cuticles and stopping about halfway up the nail. And then from that point, I used the usual makeup sponge method to dab more of the two colors onto each nail to cover up the harsh, unblended line and create the actual gradient. I had no idea whether this was going to work when I started, but I think it went really well and I'll definitely be doing it again! I love the look of the color emerging out of the black from the cuticle.

Since my Christmas tree was right there next to me as I worked on this manicure, I grabbed an ornament off a nearby branch and experimented with a more "artistic" shot for my last photo, just for fun. :)

Sadly, I chipped this manicure like nobody's business while I was cleaning house in preparation for holiday visitors; otherwise, I'd definitely still be wearing it! Next time I'll show you what I ended up wearing for actual holidays (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) themselves.

Have a safe and happy holiday, everyone!

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