Monday, November 18, 2013

Formula X for Sephora: Hyped and Blast Off

I've been eyeing the new Formula X for Sephora line with great interest lately, so I finally decided to take the plunge and pick up a couple bottles. Today I have swatches of Hyped and Blast Off to show you.

First up is Hyped, part of the Formula X Electrics line. This is a bright magenta with some very subtle blue shimmer.

I was surprised to see so many negative reviews for this line on Sephora's site—I thought the application was very good, and I didn't have any chipping for the few days I wore it. My only complaint is that the color itself is much brighter than what I really prefer, so I grew tired of it a little faster than normal. But that's all on me!

These pictures don't show it as well as they could, but the slight blue shimmer in this polish makes the color really interesting and very different from anything else I've seen.

I also picked up Blast Off, part of the Formula X Xplosives Top Coats line. This is an all black confetti glitter topper that I REALLY liked. The glitters are all different shapes and sizes, and it went on super easily—just painted right on, with hardly any dabbing or placement. I did fish around for a couple of the largest black glitters, but that was really it.

I'm in LOVE with the splattered black paint effect of this. I see myself using it a lot when I'm in the mood to ad a little something to a plain color with minimal effort. My only caveat for this one is that it almost stayed on TOO well: I felt like I needed a sandblaster to get it off! Those glitters were very committed to staying put. That might be a good thing, though, if you want something that's not going to go anywhere for several days.

What do you think—have you tried the Formula X for Sephora line yet? What colors look most intriguing to you?

Thanks for reading!

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